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Managed Business Solutions is a full service communications provider in the New Jersey and NYC Metro area with products ranging from Copiers and Printers to VoIP Phone Systems to Full IT Solutions.
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Get To Know Us.


We at Managed Business Solutions come to you, our customers with a refreshingly different approach. For too long the areas of documents, voice, and data have remained separated and handled by different organizations. We have changed all that. Our company has brought together the best and brightest minds in every aspect of communications to bring our customers the opportunity for a full managed solution. Imagine an office where you can seamlessly move documents from your PCs through your cloud storage to your salesperson in the field where he can edit it on his smartphone and simultaneously print and email it to his future client and processing department. Now imagine one company being there not only to assess your needs and delivery the solution but being there to fix even the smallest of problems you might encounter. We are that company.


Our roots come from some of the biggest trees in our industry. Through the 1980’s and 90’s our founders owned and ran some of the largest copier dealers in the tristate area. Throughout this time the successes they achieved were the direct result of the willingness they had to change and move toward new technologies. When the first plain paper copier came to market we were there, when the digital copy machines came to market we were there and when the old fashioned copier became a multifunction network machine we were there. With this sentiment, our company Managed Business Solutions was formed. We could no longer stand by and watch the communication needs of so many of our customers be handled the old fashioned way. We have brought a complete refresh to our industry bringing for the first time a unified approach to communications.


James P. Coler


He began his career as a founding partner in a startup copier dealer in the early 1980’s. The dealership quickly grew on a reputation of pristine service and community involvement. By the early 1990’s the dealership had transformed and grown into one of the largest independent copier dealers in the United States. Upon the sale of the dealership to one of the industry’s leading manufacturers he took over as the Vice President and General Manager. After several years of leading the organization to double digit growth Jim left for another entrepreneurial venture and opened a telecommunications consulting agency. After just two years Jim again helped lead this organization to national prowess, becoming a top 5 franchise in a 30 year old organization. Today he has honed those skills into yet another startup looking to revolutionize an industry and again lead an organization toward national prominence.

Jim is an Eagle Scout with an outstanding reputation of honesty and diligence in the office equipment industry.

David Trokel

VP Sales

Beginning his career working his college summers in the 1980’s David quickly rose through the ranks becoming one of the top salesman in the largest independent dealership in New Jersey. Through the 1980’s and into the early 90’s David continued to earn top honors earning President’s Club status every year after his rookie campaign. By the mid 90’s he connected with James P. running sales for his New Jersey operation. David continued to grow and become a top sales manager in the organization through the first decade of the 2000’s. Today David has again teamed up with James P. in a new exciting endeavor looking to bring change and new ideas as he has throughout his career.

David has a reputation for sales excellence and customer service unequalled in the industry with a unique ability in developing new and young talent.

James M. Coler

VP Operations

Starting his career in the mid 2000’s working for a top manufacturer in the copier industry he earned rookie of the year honors. James continued to sell at a high level and quickly moved on to solutions based products. Bringing high energy and intimate knowledge of technology he was quickly made a solutions specialist for Northern New Jersey. James moved on joining a large independent New York City based dealer tasked with creating a Managed Print Services division. After successfully implementing the program James moved on to join his father in a telecommunication consulting company. Bringing with him analytic and sales skills the duo grew the company quickly. James M. along with David and James P. joined together forming a team of complementary skills that are sure to change the face of an industry.

James’ technical skillset combined with his business acumen and youth give him the unique ability to fuel business growth with the future in mind.