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Managed Business Solutions is a full service communications provider in the New Jersey and NYC Metro area with products ranging from Copiers and Printers to VoIP Phone Systems to Full IT Solutions.
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Managed Interlinked or Independently.

At Managed Business Solutions we have the unique ability to implement communications as a cohesive, interlinked solution however can just as effectively manage each aspect independently.


Every office uses some combination of printers, faxes, and scanners to produce paper documents—and you’ve probably experienced how often these devices can malfunction and slow your business down.

We create the most cost effective, efficient, and secure models for your offices making sure your documents are easily printed or digitized and stored. We set your business up to create documents the right way and ensure that all of your output devices continue functioning properly.


The capture, retrieval and flow of digital information is essential in business today. We can set up and manage your network with software and hardware solutions customized to your business needs. A loss of any data is devastating for any organization.

We will handle everything from security to system administration to network health ensuring uninterrupted access to all of your information from anywhere at anytime.

Nothing still beats the human voice for communicating the nuances of business. We provide clear and optimized cell and landline services, electronic payment optimization, and VOIP conversions.

We also include disaster recovery/business continuity plans to keep you communicating—no matter what.